Articles for Your Benefit

We don’t expect you to know every possible thing about your condition—that’s our job. On the other hand, what you do know could help you get better and stay healthy. Read any of these articles that apply to your specific challenges. Or read them all just to impress your friends.

O’s Bra Intervention (reprinted here with permission from O Magazine)
Learn how to properly choose and fit a bra to avoid back problems.

Postural Positioning Program Handout
Tips for sitting, driving and sleeping to support your Husker Rehab postural program.

Bladder Information
Types of incontinence and how to handle it.

Physical Therapy and the Pelvic Floor
Physical therapy to treat pelvic problems.

Urinary Symptoms and Parkinson’s Disease
Types of urinary disturbances and how to manage them.

Urinary Symptoms and Physical Therapy
Describes how the bladder normally works and types of urinary disturbances.