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We take pain personally.

Relentless physical pain and dysfunction affect your entire life. They add stress, take focus off of important things. They hold back relationships and keep you from fulfilling dreams. Many of us at Husker Rehab have experienced that kind of door-closing pain and physical dysfunction in our own lives. That’s why we are so tirelessly dedicated to solutions that get YOU moving again through state-of-the-art physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments, and to keep you moving through exceptional preventive care. To find out why we’ve had a 98% satisfaction rating since 1999, click on the name of the facility nearest you (above) and read more about it. It’s our mission to help you stay healthy!


    Mission Statement

To provide cost effective holistic rehabilitation and occupational health services which exceed our customer’s expectations and maximize functional outcomes in an attractive and caring environment, as well as to provide the opportunity for preventative care and continued self-rehabilitation through wellness center programs.

  • 7th Annual Multidisciplinary Pain Symposium Husker Rehabilitation and Wellness is excited to announce registration is now open for the 7th Annual Multidisciplinary Pain Symposium!

    Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2014


    Location: Concordia University

    Lincoln Campus

    570 Fallbrook Blvd.

    Lincoln, NE


    Speakers this year include:  Liane Donovan, MD

    Lyndell White, PharmD, RP

    Melissa Fulton, APRN

    Austin Wegener, PTA

    Michael Zalman, MSPT

    Michael Budler, MD


    Register today by clicking HERE!

    (Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the sign up page and click the box titled “sign up”)


    Contact Patty or Michelle at 402-477-3110 with any questions!  We look forward to seeing …

    (Read More)